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Scanian Genealogy
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DDSS - births, deaths and marriages in Southern Sweden DDSS website

Quicksearch the DDSS databases. Select Births, Marriages or Deaths in the top list, then select field to search in, enter your word and if you wish, select a parish. The result will be presented in a new window. Replace the swedish characters åäö with _. Use % as wildcard.
Rötter and Anbytarforum
Advanced search
Stora Släkt-Sök (Rötter)
(Genealogiska Föreningen, Genealogiska Samfundet in Finland etc)
DISBYT - surname search
(user=guest password=guest if not a DIS member)
Advanced search
Släktdata - births, marriages, deaths
Advanced search
Census 1890 - surname search
all counties that are available for free
Advanced search
HisKi - births, marriages, deaths and movings
enter just one word, all fields will be searched
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FamilySearch - surname search
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Wide web search
Google + Altavista + MSN
Swedish Telephone Directory White pages
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